VIDEO: #tbt Stylized Productions – FD Asia 2013 Round 1 in Melbourne

Stylized Productions released this video not long after the 1st round of FD Asia this year.  I just came accross it again and found myself watching it a couple more times, it’s just that good!  It was a breakthrough event for our team with our first podium finish in a Formula Drift event.

It has some cool footage of the battle between my 2 cars.  I was in the GT Radial S15 and GT Radial team mate, Mico, behind the wheel of the Tyreright Sil80!  This is pre V8 swap, but the S15 sounds awesome with the 2.2L SR and Fabulous Fabrications megaphone that have all now been put in the new look Tyreright Sil80!

Check it out:

Formula Drift Asia // Melbourne // 2013 from Matty Styles on Vimeo.

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