Final Preparations for Formula Drift!

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Today is our final day of preparation before round 2 of Formula Drift Asia. We had our first chance to check out the S15 since we left her in Malaysia after round 1. After a large impact on the rear passenger side quarter panel, we knew we would have to make some running repairs and replace the tail light. Arriving at the freight facility, we were directed to the upper levels to pick up the car.

When we came out of the lift, we were greeted by a number of other teams with the cars up on stands as they made running repairs and routine checks. The S15 was still under a cover on the top floor, so we headed off to collect it.

Unwrapping the S15, I jumped in and she started first go! I drove back down to the lower levels where we could set up and get to work.

Once we had the car, there was one more mission! So we jumped in a van to collect the additional set of wheels and our toolbox and spare parts.

The main job for the day was to fix the rear quarter. It took a bit of planning, as well as some gentle persuasion, but we got it all sorted and ready for the press conference tomorrow.

There was plenty of interest from staff at the facility, as the came over to check out the cars!

Tonight, we will be getting a good nights rest, because the fun really begins tomorrow! I am really looking forward to catching up with the rest of the drivers tomorrow at the press conference and then on Friday, I get my first chance to drive the track! It’s going to be a massive weekend of drift!

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